Slug – Tips

Reducing Memory Given that it has only 32MB of RAM, NSLU2 runs Asterisk as is very well, but if you want to add more daemons you might need to miser down on the memory. Dropbear Dropbear consumes only 2.4MB vs 8.2MB of SSH (who would've ever thought I'd be concerned about savings of 6MB of... Continue Reading →


De-Underclocked Slug

Following the instructions at Overclocking the Slug, I decided to overclock my NSLU2 today, and pulled out my soldering iron. It seems you're not really overclocking it... but restoring it to its normal/full speed of 266MHz. For some reason these units shipped configured to run at 133MHz, done via a pull down resistor (R83) -... Continue Reading →

My Slug :-)

Got my NSLU2 today. It's small, less than 5w, no moving parts, no fan. Specs: 266MHz ARM processor (XScale IXP420 ARMv5TE), 32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash, 2GB USB Flash. First thing I did was to replace the Linksys firmware with Linux. The possibilities for use of this thing are endless: as a print server, file server,... Continue Reading →

RedBoot Bootloader

Here's some tips I got about accessing the firmware's Redboot bootloader. That is, before you do anything you might want to make sure you can get to RedBoot bootloader's command prompt on the NSLU2. By default RedBoot listens on, so you'll need to add a route to that first. First turn off the NSLU2... Continue Reading →

The Slug

If I'm going to be running an Asterisk server 24x7, I shouldn't really be needing a full blown PC or even a barebones PC costing at least $400 and burning at least 300-400W of power. I needed something which would consume less than 100W of power and cost less than $100. My runner ups were... Continue Reading →

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