ARM Toolchain – Crosstool

Was able to get an arm-elf toolchain built and working fine, but not so much luck in building an arm-elf-linux toolchain. It cross-compiled programs without errors, but the compiled executable crapped out at runtime. So googling for answers... I came across Dan Kegel's crosstool - a really cool GNU toolchain builder. It downloads all the... Continue Reading →


ARM Toolchain

Updated (April 26, 2008) Here's my cheat-sheet for building a 64-bit GNU ARM toolchain (cross-compiler x64 to ARM). So far this has been working well for me on an LPC2148 (ARM7TDMI-S), i.e. gcc and gdb via OpenOCD JTAG. Notes: Some builds (like binutils-2.18 and newlib-1.15) needed the setting MAKEINFO=/usr/bin/makeinfo to be passed to the make... Continue Reading →

Slug – Tips

Reducing Memory Given that it has only 32MB of RAM, NSLU2 runs Asterisk as is very well, but if you want to add more daemons you might need to miser down on the memory. Dropbear Dropbear consumes only 2.4MB vs 8.2MB of SSH (who would've ever thought I'd be concerned about savings of 6MB of... Continue Reading →

My Slug :-)

Got my NSLU2 today. It's small, less than 5w, no moving parts, no fan. Specs: 266MHz ARM processor (XScale IXP420 ARMv5TE), 32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash, 2GB USB Flash. First thing I did was to replace the Linksys firmware with Linux. The possibilities for use of this thing are endless: as a print server, file server,... Continue Reading →

RedBoot Bootloader

Here's some tips I got about accessing the firmware's Redboot bootloader. That is, before you do anything you might want to make sure you can get to RedBoot bootloader's command prompt on the NSLU2. By default RedBoot listens on, so you'll need to add a route to that first. First turn off the NSLU2... Continue Reading →


I just needed a way to shrink a bunch of videos 640x480 video to 320x240 using command line, and found transcode command line video editing tool on Linux. transcode -F mpeg4 -y ffmpeg -Z 320x240 -E 44100,16 -i video.mpg -o video-small.mpg Update: here's an article on it on Linux Journal.

Tomato on Buffalo WHR-HP-54

Just got my Buffalo WHR-HP-54 from Newegg yesterday, and today... I flashed it with Tomato firmware. I also found it to be much better and more intuitively designed than OpenWRT.Here are the steps:Open a terminal keep this command ready (DO NOT PRESS ENTER). Note that is the default IP of the Buffalo router: tftp... Continue Reading →

Gutsy and T60

Things that don't work immediately out-of-the-box on ThinkPad T60 running Ubuntu 7.10 - i.e. need some setup or workarounds. All pretty straightforward, thanks to these links: Fix for Ethernet Fix for Hibernate Fix for HDD clunking Setting up IrDA Setting up PHP on Lighttpd Additional notes: IrDA: After you setup your IrDA, if you want... Continue Reading →

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