Little bit of thermal compound…

My 3 yr old Thinkpad T60 overheating… no more :). Streaming video at 360p full screen caused my CPU (fixed at 1 GHz) temperature to shoot up to 93C in just 10min. By using new thermal compound, even after 30min of running the temperature is down to 60C!

The idle temperature is now 42C (before it was 58C). The GPU idle also remained below 58C (before it used to be 75-80C). I used this thermal compound Arctic Silver 5 (the thing had over 4,000 reviews!). Data sheet: Arctic Silver 5. Here’s a cool-down plot (cooling down after 10 minutes of streaming the same video, 360p, full screen, CPU at 1 GHz) produced just by command-line thanks to gnuplot.


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