Freaky Assembly?

After a looong time, I was debugging some embedded C code and thought I found something freaky: C code: ARM code disassembly (as generated by GNU ARM gcc): 0x0000019c : mov r3, #0 ; 0x0 0x000001a0 : str r3, [r11, #-16] 0x000001a4 : b 0x1b4 0x000001a8 : ldr r3, [r11, #-16] 0x000001ac : add r3,... Continue Reading →


Cable Repair

{imported post from old blog} The electrician was here today to fix our cable. What really got me all riled up today was when he started pounding away the tiles in our upstairs bathroom with hammer (to access some wires that are behind the tiles). It started by him asking me to let him in... Continue Reading →

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