ARM Toolchain – Crosstool

Was able to get an arm-elf toolchain built and working fine, but not so much luck in building an arm-elf-linux toolchain. It cross-compiled programs without errors, but the compiled executable crapped out at runtime. So googling for answers… I came across Dan Kegel’s crosstool – a really cool GNU toolchain builder. It downloads all the correct gcc, glibc, binutils, etc. and builds your toolchain. I built two toolchains, arm-unknown-linux and arm-xscale-linux. The toolchain built with it works great.

The Ubuntu shell is not bash by default! Instead it is linked to something called dash. Just make sure you relink /bin/sh to bash instead of dash. No idea when they did this, but I found that out after encountering this maddening error, pointing to some header files during the build:

missing terminating ” character.

Using it:

Example (for kernel compilation makefile):

export ARM_TOOLCHAIN=/opt2/crosstool/arm-unknown-linux-gnu/bin

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-unknown-linux-gnu-


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