The Arduino

Just got it today :-). The Arduino is a great learning platform for anyone interested in the embedded world. The entire platform is open (hardware schematics, bootloader, lots of examples, etc.).

Comes with a programming language that abstracts out lot of the bit-level stuff… but for learning purposes I’d recommend just using straight C – i.e. to get right down to the bare metal. You’ll probably end up reading two-thirds of the 350 page ATmega168 specs. Atmel’s AVR docs are really well done, with assembly language and bit-level C-language code snippets. Ubuntu has a ready-made GNU C toolchain for the AVR which works quiet well. There is also an Eclipse plugin.

Also, check this site out: Atmel AVR Application Notes. Tons of stuff. You don’t really need to buy any embedded systems books. Also Atmel AVR 8-bit Instruction Set.


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