Which RTOS?

After scouring through a number of MCU’s I’ve decided to go with the Atmel AVR, in particular the ATmega168.

But then, my recent adventure into the Slug’s hardware, got me thinking ARM. I settled for Atmel’s AT91SAM7 series of ARM MCU’s.

My next thought was how I can run Debian/ARM on it. But unfortunately that was quickly ruled out – as the largest of the 7S or 7X series has only 512K Flash and 128K SRAM. Note that the 7SE series has an external memory bus.

So what can I squeeze into 256K Flash and 64K RAM? My hunt came up with these (in terms of the number of microcontrollers each has been ported to):

  1. FreeRTOS (free)
  2. uC/OS-II (commercial)
  3. eCos (pdf book: Embedded Software Development with eCos)
  4. TNKernel (free)

And these bootloaders:

  1. u-Boot
  2. Redboot
  3. Apex

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